The mail() function returns true if it functions, i.e. if you have all
the parameters correct, and that sort of thing. If the SMTP server
rejects the email, you'll still get true returned. I ran into this a
while back. Try and do a manual connection to the SMTP server from your
PHP machine and see if it works that way. It may be failing and you
don't know. If you have access to the mail logs, check those out too. 


On Sat, 2003-01-18 at 12:48, Tony S.Wu wrote:

> I need to send myself an email in one of my PHP page.
> So i wrote the following code:
> $result = ini_set(SMTP, "");
> if ($result)
> {
>       echo ini_get(SMTP);
>       $result = mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "test", "test123");
>       if ($result)
>               echo "mail sent";
> }
> It always print "mail sent", but I never got the email.
> So I was wondering if Mail() request any send mail program to work.
> Can anyone tell me?
> Thanks.
> Tony S. Wu


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