> In my application I am accepting Day, Month and Year from a Select
> What I want to do is calculate the age of the person based on the
> selection.
> $cboDD is the day variable
> $cboMM is the month variable
> $cboYY is the year variable
> I tried this :
> $dobtimestamp = mktime(0,0,0,$cboMM,$cboDD,$cboYY);
> $todaytimestamp = time();
> $txtAge = ($todaytimestamp - $dobtimestamp)/86400;
> It does not give me the expected output.
> Can anybody suggest something ?

Keep your mktime() as it is, that's correct. Then use something like
this to calculate the age:

$age = date('Y',$now) - date('Y',$dob) -
((date('z',$now)>=date('z',$dob)) ? 0 : 1);

where $dob and $now are the appropriate unix timestamps that you've
already got calculated with mktime() and time().

---John W. Holmes...

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