Hi, I had already install mysql and php, the apache was in my linux distribution (Mandrake) and also one php, but i have install the last version in rpm.

I have stop and start the apache, and the php works without any problem. But when i call to a mysql function in the php code its give to me an error. This code is really simple, is only to prove that all works.

The code is only the line :

mysql_connect ("aw", "aw", "pass");


I prove in my Galeon and gives to me the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in /var/www/html/aw/copia.php on line 10

I do not now why give this error, the php works and in the php.ini I have include the line extension = mysql.so

Is suppose that with this all must work, but it doesnt work.

Anyone have any idea about why this dont work, i'm sure that must be a stupid error.


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