Hi  Bayu Susiloadhy,

thanks for your answer.

>>   function select_price($product_id,$quantity) {
>  --cut--
>>     return True;
>>    }
>  --cut--

in the meentime I change the code that not a boolevalue
was returned by the function.

$q is my querystring and $db is the selected database.

I insert the following:


    while ($row = mysql_fetch_object($result))
        $price = $row->product_price;
    echo "\n";
    echo $q;              // to show the sql-statement in runtime - diagnostics
    echo "\n";
    return $price;

By executing it I get two warnings  both "this is not a valid Mysql-result
resort". The disliked lines are the begin of the while-loop and an the

How have I to change up the script to get the product_price related to the


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