i was hoping someone could help me further this?
i have multiple form possibilities someone can fill out. each form, on submit would point to say, add.php. it would check for blank fields. if there are no blank fields it would insert the current values into the database accordingly. the issue i am facing is each form has different fields, for instance: form 1 has name, email and question. form 2 has name, email, ticket_type, price, how many. form 3 has name, email, vehicle, color, year. and on and on.
i appreciate your taking time to read this and any input you may have is also appreciated.
if i use this:

$error = "";
if ($name == "")
	$error = "$error<LI>You must enter a company name.</LI>";
if ($address == "")
        $error = "$error<LI>You must enter an address.</LI>";
etc. and the form, say yardsale.php, doesn't have the field "name" in it, will it skip over that field or will it return an error saying "name" is blank?
this goes at the end of my ifs...
} else {

$query  = "update ads set
name = '$name',

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