Hello all!

I got one page, with this code:

echo insert_results();

Which grabs the data I send from another page, on that function.
Here is the important part of the function while code:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
function insert_results () {
         echo "bla";

Ok, this is the problem.
As you can see, it takes the data from the dattabase, sticks it into the
function, and then the second page displays it.
don't get me wrong, this is working PERFECTLY and just the way I want it,
and then comes my problem.
It works only with one row. it displays only one row, even when I know there
are more. no matter how many rows are in the database,
it will always output one "bla".

I need to move on and display all the rows, just like 'while' should work, I
don't know why it's not working.
Maybe I should stick it into a function array? but that's a bit strange as
the 'while' command should do it automaticlly.

S.O.S !!


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