Here is a link to a tutorial which explains the issues and introduces
to use the new global variables.

Write Secure Scripts with PHP 4.2!


On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 00:30:24 +0100, Karina S wrote:

>I have read, that use global variables on php site is not a good idea. I'm
>newbie in PHP and maybe a stupid question:
>If I make an array and register it in a session and after I use it all of my
>pages as $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['variable'] and register_globals is off. In this
>case is $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['variable'] a global variable?
>What is the best method (most secure method) to use the same array on all
>php site? (I want to read the user data, but don't want to read it always
>from database. I want to read once and use it on more pages. )
>Thanks for your help!
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