> I would like to know, if there is any change to export/import data from
> SQL/EXCEL/SQL with php??? It?s very important. So if someone knows a way
> please help me.
HeHe ... I don't know how this is related to my question, but.

To import directly in Excel from MySQL, you can use MyODBC (I sugest you
to use development version).

If you want just to export from Excel and iport into MySQL, just do an
DOS (I think that .csv) export of data and try using LOAD DATA INFILE
(check mysql options how to set a field separator ... you will easly set
this in excel export),...

If anyone want to check my question, see below ;)
> I got a task to program a search engine for a site which is all around
> based on sessions and persistent connections to MySQL.
> The problem is that I first have to select a subset of those data
> and then I have to join them all around and output results.
> I'm using temporary tables for this but there is a problem.
> Temporary tables are visible trough the entire connection. So in future
> one browser window can interact (can display) with results from another
> browser window. Does anyone have a sugestion how to solve this?
> I was thinking to close a persistent connection (I don't know how???) on
> each result page at the begining and then reopen it at the end ... for my
> code I was thinking on using normal connections.
> Any better idea?
> I thik I just can't live without temporary tables till I will not have
> subqueryes.


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