Hello There,
I wondered if any one could help me with this problem.
I am helping a friend with his web site which is a content management
system. to tell you the truth i am a beginner in Php/Mysql and this is my
first experience.
The table is called REPORT and it has a Field for REPORT_Title another for
The REPORT itself and 9 fields to upload IMAGES with 9 corresponding fields
to describe the 9 images.
This REPORT table is linked to another Table for categories called CAT to
choose the catagorie.

The question is how will i put this to gether, I have spend my whole day
looking for answer. Due to Size limitation 4Go per table in MySql, I chose
not to insert as binary(BLOB) instead Through path reference of the image.As
it's possible to insert hundreds of articles with images. To be on the safe
side i prefer to use the Path reference techniques.

I thank you'll in advance for your advice.


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