i have unsuccessfully tried for three days to write, re-write something that will insert data into my db and ashamedly have failed again. at one point i was able to echo values and see that they were in fact passing from my form. now i can't even get that. anyway, if you could take a look at this and tell me where i'm going wrong i will greatly appreciate it. thank you... addison

session_start(); if (@$auth != "yes") include("config.php");

function storeForm($formdata,$ads)
$query = "INSERT INTO $ads (";
$query2 = " VALUES (";
$counter = 0;
foreach ($formdata as $key => $value) {
$formdata[$key] = trim($formdata[$key]);
$formdata[$key] = strip_tags($formdata[$key]);
if ($counter == sizeof($formdata) ) //if this is last field
$query = $query.$key;
$query2 = $query2."'".$value."'";
else //if this is not the last field
$query = $query.$key.",";
$query2 = $query2."'".$value."'".",";
$query = $query.")";
$query2 = $query2.")";
$result = mysql_query($query)
or die ("Couldn't execute query.");
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