Try this. PHP arrays are cool! Of course there are tidier ways to implement this, but this is just an example.


<-- Code -->

$getscname = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM subcat WHERE subcatid = '$subcatid'") or die ("Couldn't get the info.<br>".mysql_error());

while($sub_cat = mysql_fetch_array($getscname)){
$subcat_id = $sub_cat['subcatid'];
$subcat_name = $sub_cat['subcatname'];

$arrCats[] = '<a href="subcat.php?catid='.$catid.'&sc='.$subcat_id.'">'.$subcat_name.'</ a>';

echo implode('&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;',$arrCats);

<-- Code -->

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