Can any one guide me through the uploading file procedure please?
Should I use copy() function to copy the image file to a temp file and
rename it to the real name and then reference the name in the data base.
Or is there any other way.
Should say though my Service Provider does not support exec("cp $picture
/full/path/to/joesauto/images/$picture_name") as explained in one of the
article in phpbuilder by Willim Samplonius.
Also I've found other old articles related to this but none of them have
helped me so far to solve my problem.

I've identified the steps to build the page.
1)      Upload and store in to the directory
2)      Get the Url of the image
3)      Store the URL into Mysql table

And later retrieve the image which is my second part.
Having I identified the steps can any one help me how to translate that into
Php please.

I forgot to mention that what I am uploading, which in this case are 9 Jpeg
Which should be uploaded together with one submit button.
The table is as follows:
This Image_tbl is related to an Article table

So as you can see that 9 images are related to an article and one thing is
sure there are always 9 images for each article.



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