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% Hi there everyone,


% I have way too many databases to backup manually or with PHPMyADMIN, how, using PHP 
with MySQL could I backup multiple databases easily?

1) What level of 'manual' is too much?

2) Are all of the databases on the server yours to back up, or only some
of them?

3) Do you have access to the command line through your php script as
might be expected, or are you somehow limited?

4) Do you have a user/password who can dump your databases?

5) Can you use cron to run jobs repeatedly?

I'd write a script (php CLI, perl, shell, whatever) to do the dump and
then just call it from your web click or, better yet, from a crontab.

% Any examples would be really appreciated :-)

Answers first, grasshopper :-)

% Thank you.
% Regards
% Chris


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