So I read this thread and the MySQL doc on mysql_insert_id() and still have
a related question.

Does mysql_insert_id() function on a per-connection basis? I read the stuff
on last_insert_id() and it specifically mentions that the last ID is stored
on the server on a per-connection basis. However, the info on
mysql_insert_id() makes no such specific claim.

The reason I ask is, if you use mysql_insert_id() on a busy server and it
does not function on a per-connection basis, don't you run the risk of
getting the last ID of somebody else's INSERT query on the server?

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> > I've been checking the last_insert_id() function out and I 
> am curious. The
> > MySQL docs say to use the mysql_insert_id() function after 
> an "insert
> into"
> > query to grab the key value. Both seem to work; however, 
> there are some
> > subtle differences.
> >
> > Which is the best one to use after a single insert 
> statement, or does it
> > matter?
> It really doesn't matter. If you need the number in PHP for 
> something else,
> then use the PHP function. If you just need it for another 
> query, one right
> after the other, then use the MySQL function and don't worry about PHP
> retrieving it.
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