On Wednesday 29 January 2003 09:50, Addison Ellis wrote:
> hello and thank you for taking a look at this.
>       i, no matter what id do can not get variables to echo a value
> or inserted into my db. i uploaded the original file and parse error
> line by parse error line had to remove all brackets, which doesn't
> make sense to me right now, except for the two encompassing header:.
>       one of many forms submitted to this will actually process and
> post now with no errors but will not, as i mentioned, print any of my
> echo. here is the thing in it's entirety and i very much appreciate
> your time and efforts. best regards, addison ellis

I see that for the past week or so you've been struggling with this and (to 
me) don't seem to be making much progress. If all this is a "learning" 
exercise then good luck to you. If your main objective is to get something up 
and running then try using someone else's code. There are plenty of classes 
at www.phpclasses.org which builds and verifies forms for you. Also searching 
freshmeat.net for "mysql forms" should be rewarding.

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