I would like to make a connection to a sybase database in PHP.
I installed freetds version 0.60 and it work fine (i can connect to a 
sybase database).
Then, i compile the sybase extension (with php-devel) :
$ phpize
$ ./configure --with-php-configure=/usr/bin/php-config 
$ make
$ make install
I get the library php_sybase_db.so. I had a line in the php.ini file and i 
restart apache ($ apachectl restart)
But when apache restart, i get an error: httpd : error while loading shared 
libraries :usr/lib/php/extensions/php_syabse_db.so undefined symbol : 
I found this in the comments on sybase :
If you compile php with freetds (www.freetds.org <http://www.freetds.org>) 
support (--with-sybase in php), apache might NOT START due to unresolved 
This can be easily solved by adding -ltds flag in config_vars.mk file after 
configuring PHP under the line EXTRA_LIBS.
You can view this debug fix on www.freetds.org <http://www.freetds.org> 
under FAQ section.
But i don't know where to add the option -ltds in config_vars.mk file.
Could you help me
Thank by advance.
Raphael KISTER

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