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> IE 5.01 has an issue with its basic auth. There is no patch, only an
> upgrade path
> Gary Every

I wish it were that simple, it happens in all versions of IE. I've 
tested it myself in the latest versions and it happens. I get at least
one phone call a day from people asking why they can't log in, the 
screen just reloads. I suggest to them to upgrade to Mozilla, Netscape
or Opera.

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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Odd browser problem with sessions
> I have a web site that is protected using sessions, and it works fine.
> Only occasionally
> when a end-user tries to log in using IE the login screen will just 
> reload, every time they
> try to log in. I found that by closing IE (all windows) then trying
> again, it will go on to the 
> proper page. This behavior appears to only effect IE, I saw it once on
> either Netscape
> or Mozilla (I don't recall which), and no one I've talked to on the
> phone has had this 
> problem in any browser other than IE, and there have been many calls
> about this. Any
> idea what this might be caused by?
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