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> Thanks for your help. The machine [A] is running MySQL is Not behind a
> firewall, therefore all connection to [A] works fine (including 3306).
> The machine [B] running PHP/apache is behind a firewall, and only port
> 80 is open on [B]. If I want to do some query on MySQL of [A] from [B]
> where PHP resides, then the problem occurs (from other machines without
> firewall to do the query on [A] work fine). Basically PHP can send out
> query to [A] (since [A] is open), but when [A] returns the result to
> PHP, it's blocked by the firewall on [B], because I believe PHP uses
> certain port for MySQL return the result. Is it clear?

What firewall/settings are you using? In a standard firewall works something 
like this:

[B] PHP sends request FROM port <xxxx> TO [A] port <3306>

Because the request was initiated from within the firewall it should open up 
port <xxxx> and allow the return result from [A] to pass back through.

And as I mentioned before <xxxx> is not fixed but should be > 1024. So 
basically your firewall needs to allow:

SRC, internal, all non-privileged ports --> DST, external, port 3306
SRC, external, port 3306 --> DST, internal, all non-privileged ports

Also this is getting way off-topic.

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