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Subject: [PHP-DB] SQL: Limit 1 usage?

Currently I have a script that contains this piece of code:

        $sql = "SELECT MIN(network)
        AS 'network' FROM accessnums WHERE areacode='$_POST[areacode]' and

This works fine and accomplishes what I need.  Some requirements changed
today and I now need to get more than just "network".  In MySQL command line
I tried this:

        SELECT * FROM accessnums WHERE areacode="504" and city="New Orleans" ORDER
BY network LIMIT 1;

This gives me the exact response I require.  However, when plugging it into
my php code:

        $sql = "SELECT * FROM accessnums WHERE areacode=$_POST[areacode]' and
city='$_POST[cityselected]' ORDER BY network LIMIT 1";

It can't execute the query.  Any suggestions?

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