You mean, with <font>? For this, you need a style sheet, or at least style entry in 'select', like this: <select style='font-family: ...; font-size: ...;' name=property, etc. See for more info on styles.

BTW: if the values are the same a what you are displaying, you don't need value="....".


Addison Ellis wrote:
hi and thank you for your time...
how do i, as my text fields are echoing a selected value, get my list menus to do the same?

text field has: <? echo $arow->contact; ?>
list menu has:
<select name="property">
<option value="<? echo $row->property_type; ?> " selected>
<? echo $row->property_type; ?>
<option value="house">house</option>
<option value="condo">condo</option>
<option value="duplex">duplex</option>
<option value="apartment">apartment</option>
<option value="land">land</option>

thank you again, addison ellis

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