No, this is not the problem. $i and $j start from 0, anyway. The real
problem, as I see it, is the following:
I have a big loop, to create something like a checkerboard, but with 13 or
so colors. If the loop iterates more than 256 times, then those cells with
indexes bigger than 255 (or 256, does not matter) will have a single
color: that of the 255th or 256th cell.
It is as if I do not have only 13 colors, but 256! Try to run the code and
see what I mean.

Now I try to do my job by using JPGraph, but I succeded to ruin
Oh, dear:)
On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Adam Royle wrote:

> Hi Mihai,
> Didn't try your code, but noticed your comment on colours. RBG values go from 0 - 
>255, not 1 - 256, so this may be your problem.
> Adam

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