This is the problem I am having:

I have to extract data from MS SQL into MY SQL using PHP.
The MS SQL (puke!) runs on a (yuck!) MS Small Business Server.
It contains text fields that contain text with characters like  , , , 
(Dutch language).

The MY SQL used to run on Windows 2000. The strings that were read from
the MS SQL and put into the MY SQL were identical.

Due to a security leak (hah) I installed OpenBSD on the same machine,
used be-latin1 local settings. I also managed to get MYSQL working under

The problem is now... when i insert something like this into the mysql:
insert into table(field) values("This is a test. .");
and i want to output that string from the MYSQL running on OpenBSD, i get
"This is a test. ?."  so you see the weird character in stead of the .

How can i resolve this quickly?
Thank you for the help !

Kind regards,

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