Hi All,
Having a problem figuring out the logic of something here and hoping
someone can point me in the right direction.
I have 2 tables.
First table holds a listing of all Provinces and States. Here a brief of
what it looks like:
value     label 
 AB       Alberta 
 BC       British Columbia 
 MB      Manitobia 
 NF       Newfoundland 
 NT       Northwest Territories 
 NS       Nova Scotia  
Second Table is an OrderTable which holds all order and customer info
including the province/state. The province/state is dumped from the
"value" column of the ProvinceTable. Meaning.. an order record would
show the province as "AB" or "NS" instead of "Alberta" or "Nova Scotia".
I am creating an order report and in this report I want to display the
LABEL name of the Province/State that relates to an the province column
in the OrderTable.
I could simply just display all provinces/states from the ProvinceTable
but then there would be entries for selection that had NO orders.
Any idea on this? Thanks guys!

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