Agata Report :: New version 4 beta 002

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Changes ?
Table Structure Tree and SQL Repository Tree have new features and new design. A new 
directory structure is now used. The merge tool was redesigned. A del button was added 
to SelectList. Parameters may now be used on queries (using $whatever). A Spanish 
version was added. Oracle is now supported through Pear.

What is ?

       Agata Report is a Database Reporting Tool, like Crystal Reports. Its written in 
PHP-GTK with PEAR and allows you to edit and get SQL results from several databases. 
There is a merge tool that merges DB results into a document, there's a tool for 
address label generation, ER diagrams are generated automatically from DB too. Agata 
allows you to create reports with many levels of grouped data with subtotals and grand 
totals, beyond run-time parameters. There are versions in English, Portuguese, 
Spanish, Italian, French, Deutsch and Swedish. Agata support different themes too.

      It connects to database, which can be PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MsSql, 
Informix or InterBase, lists its tables, fields and allows linking among tables, make 
constraints, orders, to group data, to apply functions and make queries. It generates 
results to PostScript or Text file.

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:: Univates - IT Department +55 (51) 3714-7040
:: Linux User n. 223253, Lajeado, RS - Brasil
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