> I'm having problem querying a table with a field value containing an
> appostropy, please help.  Using ODBC to connect MSAcess database.
>    $mQuery = "CustomerID='$mCust'";
>    $mCur2 = odbc_do( $mCnx, "select Login from Emails where $mQuery"
> When it hits "O'Donald, James", I get error in odbc_exec().  I tried
> variations of $mQuery, including:
>    $mQuery = addslashes( $mQuery );

You don't want to use addslashes() on $mQuery, you want to use it on the
data you're inserting between the quotes, i.e. $mCust. 

$mQuery = "CustomerID='" . addslashes($mCust) . "'";

If that still causes an error, your database may require quotes to be
escaped with another quote, instead of a backslash. In that case, you
can create a function like this

function addslashes2($data)
{ return str_replace("'","''",$data); }

Hope that helps.        

---John W. Holmes...

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