I once read a great article in the first or second issue of
http://www.phparch.com/ on database abstraction layers. At which point I
used the tutorial as a starting point for creating a very similar structure
I named dbWave. There are only minor differences and a postgresql driver is
now included for the most common pg_* functions.

I was just wondering if anyone has developed a database abstraction layer
that allows you to separate your SQL queries from your application logic
like dbWave does? I'm looking for a more advanced way of doing this?

Attached is dbWave for anyone to look at/use. To run it you need to use the
following tags in your file:

        // DBWave include files
        include( "[attached_filename].php" );

To instantiate the dbWave object you use the following code in a file name

        /* This file instantiates dbWave using our chosen API */
        /* It is automatically generated by the database setup program */

        // Instantiate dbWave using the MySQL API
        $dbWave = new Mysql();

        // Connect to the database
        $dbWave->connect( 'yourhost', 'yourport', 'yourdbname', 'yourdbuser',
'yourdbpass' );


Luke Woollard
Programmer / Analyst

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