Hi there, want to say this right off the start the calculations here are
used with the totals of the results and not the range so dont go telling me
that i might have used a 0 based index, NO...

I have 6294 lines in my table
i query with a IN (...) statement and i get 6286 lines out of my DB
i query again using the same list but with NOT IN (...) and i get 7 lines

Theoricaly, i should get all lines thru this way of doing right? Well count:

6286+7 = 6293

Where is my last line??? Could this be a bug in the IN, NOT IN statements of
mysql? or is this part of a problem related to phpMyAdmin? I will try to run
these queries right off a web page using the direct api to the mysql
database to see if it's in phpMyAdmin or mysql, till then i hope someone can
find something wrong in my doing, it's only logical that i should get all


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