On my choices page, there are only 3 radio buttons and a Submit button.

The page calls itself and runs a query on the database, displaying results. But the 
criteria buttons are still at the top of the page above the results. Before, I had a 
combo box for certain choices and I just did an "If (!$ComboBoxName) { yada yada} 

But now I'm not using anything that I can check except for the button click. Any ideas 
how to do this?

echo "<form action=\"/inventorylist.php3\" method=POST>\n";    

echo "<div align=left>";
echo "<table cellpadding=12 bgcolor=lightblue>\n"; 

//search page title
echo "<tr><font size= +1><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;Inventory List</b></font><br></tr>";

echo "<td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input value=\"Show List\" type=\"submit\">";

echo "</td>";
echo "<td>";
echo "<b>Activity Status</b><br>";
echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=\"radio\" name =\"actstat\" value=\"A\" checked>Active 
echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=\"radio\" name =\"actstat\" value=\"I\" >Inactive <br>";
echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=\"radio\" name =\"actstat\" value=\"ALL\" >Both 

echo "(takes a while to build complete inventory)";
echo "</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

echo "</div>";
echo "<br><br>";


—-query and display code down here

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