> Help.  I've tried to pass large array through URL but it keep telling
> page
> can not be displayed:

If you get "page not found" then it's not an issue with your code. Does
page2.php really exist? What does the URL look like when it says page
cannot be found? Is this a PHP or HTML error that you get?

> <? // page1.php
> $mList = arrary();
assuming this is a typo

> ...    // fill array with values
> $mList = urlencode( serialize( $mList ) );
> header( "location: page2.php?mL=$mList" );

To be entirely correct, it should be "Location" with a capitol L, and a
full URL (not relative) as the address.

> ?>
> <? // page2.php
> $mList = stripslashes( unserialize( $mL ) );

Reverse this. Stripslashes() first, then unserialize(). 

> print_r( $mList );
> ?>

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