On Saturday 08 February 2003 06:16, Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
> I don't get any MySQL error... It adds the first entry_id and date exactly
> as it should... it seems to be acting like entry_date is not an array, but
> when I use the same foreach loop to echo the contents of entry_date it
> echoes the multiple values (2003-05-01, 2003-05-02, etc)... I use the same
> code to insert checkbox data in a different form, so... I'm kinda stumped.

> > > $sql2 = "INSERT INTO cal_date_map (entry_id, date) VALUES

echo $sql2 and plug each of them into the mysql commandline to see what 

> > > $event_date is an array with several dates separated by commas.
> > > (2003-10-02, 2003-10-03). The code above successfuly inserts the first

Could you explain what exactly $event_date contains? The output of 
print_r($event_date) would suffice. 

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