the best way for this is optin and optout method.
so you can referrer if the users email exist.
if the users email exists you can to assume
the user is the user who would like the
registration for your website. in the email
you can set a link to a modul of your
website. in this link you can take an accesskey,
wich you generated by a new account. this key
is the users unique id.

now not all users given there right email
and the email will send back to you.

first choice you select the incoming returns
or you can write a script who will checked
a emailaccount for returned emails. in this
programm you can select the "to"-field and
check it in your database. is any user in
the email true then you can delete them and
you database will be clean.

you can lookup this:


please insert your emailaddress, it will
be generat an email for you. then you click
the link in this email. this way is optin.

if you want to unregister you can delete
your account from the same formular what you
are registered.

ok....this is my way.....any other ideas?

andreas van loock

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Betreff: [PHP-DB] Confirmation e-mail

Hello people.,

I am developing a website with a user login system, i would like to send
an confirmation e-mail to the user when he/she registers for the site,
asking for confirmation...for instance click on a link to activate thier
My question is what would be the best approach to achieve this? How is
this usualy done? Any thoughts and help is appreciated.

Best regards,

Davy Obdam

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