I am using the query below in attempting to control access to a web site.
The idea is that today's date must be between 1 month before the start date
and 1 month after the finish date.

$query1 = "SELECT VFT_name FROM `vft` WHERE CURDATE() >
DATE_SUB(VFT_date_start, INTERVAL 1 month) AND CURDATE() <
DATE_ADD(VFT_date_finish, INTERVAL 1 month) ";

It seems that if a start date is say March 31, then any date in February
(even Feb 01) is going to return true. I tried using days (28, 29, .. 35
etc) instead of 1 month in the query but that doesn't seem to work.

For a start-date of March 11 how can I deny access on Feb 10 but allow
access starting on Feb 11?

Thanks for any help.

Barrie Matthews, Webmaster

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