It's the old question all over again: How can I make my user / pass
"impossible" to read for those who shouldn't?

I've been thinking a lot the past few years about how to do this, and
I've thought that one solution, a little better than keeping the
information in a file in plain text, would be to put them in a small c
program, compile it and restrict access to execute (by the server).

This would still mean that others can run the program through the web
server, so if there could be a way of checking for which script is the
callee of the program, that would be best, but i doubt there is... :
Nevertheless, if anybody has any idea to whether this is possible or
not (and how), please let me know.

I've started looking into this and made a small program that makes a
connection to oracle. The rest isn't quite trivial. As far as I've
understood, PHP uses it's own structs for representing the oracle
connection, and I don't really know how one would go about trying to
return this to PHP. Other than that there might be someone out there
who has done this before or someone who can tell me that this isn't
possible for some reason I haven't thought about. I'm not too
experienced in c programming, so any hints would be greatly
appreciated. :-)

Hints? Comments? Solutions?

Thanks in advance.

"Life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility"
                -- a Mary Chung's fortune cookie

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