You might find it easiest to CREATE a temporary table.
You can use an INSERT .. SELECT query to extract the values from your
data tables and insert them in the temp table.
Then you can SELECT from the temporary table and use all of the SQL
functions for ordering, grouping, etc.


On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:14:55 +0100, merlin wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>I am pulling out several values out of a mysqldb. Those come with different
>tables and different criterias, thats why I cant sort them inside the sql
>statement. I need to make 3 of those statements.
>All the different results have an associated timestamp. How could I sort
>them after pulling out the values into variables (sort after time desc)?
>for esample:
>new user pictures      time 10:00:00
>new user articles       time 12:00:00
>new whatever           time 11:00:00
>thanx for any help,
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