I'd like to get some opinions from the list.

We run php/mysql on our linux servers located behind a firewall. Many of our clients have scripts that access their databases via php running on the hosting server, and the general access is set up as:

$hostname = "localhost";
$database = "clientsDB";
$username = "client";
$password = "********";


One of our clients has a friend who wants to do some php/mysql and has asked for access to the database. We gave them the information above, and he complains that "localhost" is insufficient. We think that if he is requesting "servername.domain.net:accessPort" that that gives him access through the firewall. Instead, he should upload his scripts using ftp and use localhost, as all our other clients do.

What is the general consensus?

If giving an outsider this kind of access just asking for trouble?


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