Actually, Adobe 5.0 implemented on a server in Assembled or Integrated
(their words, not mine) configuration DOES allow for real-time document
collaboration. Whether this solution would actually solve the problem is
determined by the requirements of the collaboration environment.

If you're thinking Acrobat 4.0, you're absolutely right. Real-time
collaboration is, for all practical purposes, non-existent.

I'm not going to get into any further debate because it's off topic and all
of the information is available on, specifically in the following
and, more generally,

In regards to actually implementing a solution using JS, yes can work, but
you're walking what can be a tight rope on client-side configuration. Some
of the standard issues are:
1. You have to make sure your users all have JS enabled or your app won't
2. You'll have to write cross-browser compatible code back to v. 4.0
browsers as a standard.
3. Refreshing a screen every 30 seconds is going to really tick off users
that don't have DSL or better connections.

These issues are certainly not insurmountable. All of the above concerns can
be alleviated, if not eliminated, if you're going to implement on an
intranet where you have control over what clients are used. But in the WWW
arena, you just don't know what clients are going to be used.
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Riiiiiiiiiiight, anyway, since Adobe Acrobat is the worst possible answer
updating in real time (and completely wouldn't work), I would say, yes, 
two frames should work, but you might even want a third (hidden) at the 
bottom that never stops executing, just pulling entry's out when new ones 
are added, and use javascript to add them to the right frames with the

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 10:16, Hutchins, Richard wrote: 
1. This question has nothing to do with PHP or databases. 
2. Adobe already thought of it: Adobe Acrobat 5.0. 

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> I'm thinking about making a little tool where people can 
> contribute ideas in 
> real time. Thus far, the best way I can see to do this is via 2 frames 
> Frame 1: for entering data - which is inserted into a table. 
> Frame 2: would select from the table. It would also refresh 
> frequently - 
> say every 30 seconds. 
> But perhaps you have a more elegant solution? 
> Thanks, 
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