Well ... in fact, most lists that I've been on use the Reply-To header to
automate this.  MOST email clients I have used do not recognize email as
"list email" and while they have a Reply and Reply All option, I've never
seen a Reply-List option.

So ... what is right, and who is broke could be argued all day.  The one
I've seen used the most would be implemented as a change to the list

-- Mitch

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Jason Wong wrote:

> On Friday 14 February 2003 00:29, karthikeyan.balasubramanian wrote:
> > This LIST need some change :).
> Your email client needs changing :)
> > Generally we just say reply and give our suggestions.  This works in other
> > list.
> The 'other' list is broken.
> > This one goes only to the person who posed the question.
> Real email clients gives you multiple response methods -- reply to sender;
> reply to list; reply to all; bounce; redirect etc

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