One more on efficiency. Basically all the examples I've seen for doing 'windowed dbase queries' (i.e., displaying a limited set of results and providing next/prev paging capabilities) have the same basic format:

1.SELECT * FROM <table>
2. get the number of rows from result
3. figure out paging scheme
4. SELECT <desired data> FROM <table> LIMIT <startPoint>,<numEntries>

It seems to me this is annoyingly inefficient forcing every page to query for the entire list first, then re-running the query for the desired subset. I guess there's no way around that, right?

My real question is, is there any particular reason (other than laziness) that the first query (which fetches all results) is done with a '*'. It seems to me that especially if you have a lot of data in your table, that's unnecessarily inefficient since it's got to retrieve and store in memory all the fields. Since you only really need to know how many rows there are, wouldn't it be much more efficient to just pick one particular column, and make that column the smallest one available?


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