I am having a problem with syntax. Here is what I am doing. I have the
follwing table

|Name    |Address      |City    |
|Name 1 | Address1   | City1 |
|Name 2 | Address2   | City2 |
|Name 3 | Address3   | City3 |
|Name 4 | Address4   | City4 |

I can fetch a single record into an associative array. But I need to put
these records into an multi-dimentional associatave array. I have tried to
figure out what the syntax should be, but it has not worked. The only thing
is that the key names will be different from the field names, and we won't
be putting all of the record fields into the table. So we can't just make an
array of the associative arrays returned by mysql_fetcharray($result). Hope
you can help me out.


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