Try changing your code to 

if ($_SESSION['verified'] != "yes"){

I think that's the problem


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I am making a section on a web site which requires that visitors log-in.
Log-in, password, etc are in an MySQL table. I am using (via a web host) PHP
4.2.2 with global variables turned off. Until now, I have worked with a
different host in which global variables were switched on.

The way it works
The user logs in at index.php. When she does so successfully, index.php
returns a menu of links. However, if she clicks on any of those links, which
are different pages, she gets a please log-in first message because each
page includes...

if ($_SESSION['verified'] <> "yes"){
echo "<P><a href='index.php'>Please log in first</a></P>";

Returning to index.php requires a log-in again.

So, it seems the session variable is not being sent being sent between
pages, although it works within the same page. I expect I am missing
something obvious. I've made this kind of thing work with global variables
on - so I assume I am misunderstanding something related to lack of global

I use 


at the top of all pages and  


on index.php.

Your enlightenment will be highly appreciated.

Jeffrey Baumgartner

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