Rajesh Fowkar wrote:


There seems to be very few date manupulation functions in php.

In my php form I am displaying select combos for day, month and year.

Now while updating the form I want to retrieve the date and take out day,
month and year from that date and display the correct selection in the
combo. I could not find any function like say


Am I missing something ? Is there anyway to accomplish the above ? or I
will have to store these three values separatly in the database rather than
as a date.

yes, you are missing it.
you need to do the opposite. first read this:


and everything will become clear...

btw, if the current date is jan 1, 2000, then

$day = date ("d");
$month = date ("m");
$year = "date ("y");

echo $day; // would return "01"
echo $month; // would return "01"
echo 4year; //would return "00"

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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