The title suggests MSSQL, which if I am correct doesn't support Limit like MySQL.

I'm working on the same thing right now so I don't have a quick and dirty working example, although it doesn't look to be too difficult to use server side cursors in MSSQL.

Here is a related a link to a similar question at phpbuilder:

Snijders, Mark wrote:
$start = 10;

$numbers_to_show = 25;

$sql = "SELECT * FROM bla Limit $start, $numbers_to_show";

or just go to and use the manual :)

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I'm trying to split results into different pages and number the pages
accordingly.  I've been able to build a fairly intelligent page numbering
system which knows which rows it should pull (at least by numbering each row
numerically) but I don't know how to construct a SQL query to pull 10
results starting at a certain number.

please  did anyone wrote a proc that do it?.

John Krewson
Programmer - SWORPS

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