[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Anders mellström) writes:
> I have a PHP<->MySQl-problem. I would be very greatful if anyone
> would help me. I am - with the following code - trying to get
> results from a database. The problem isn't recieving the results,
> it's where i get the results. All the information is placed far down
> on the site, not in top. If you're having problems understanding
> what I'm trying to say, I don't blame you. I don't really understand
> either. The easiest thing would be for you to check the code, then
> got to the site link below to see for yourselves. Thanks //Anders
> link: http://medlem.spray.se/tippafotboll/full.php

As far as I can see this problem is html related. Your server, I
guess, spits out some script code after the </html> tag. That _might_
cause some problems, try to strip the page of those and see if that
helps. I couldn't see anything else that would cause it.

... and furthermore ... I don't like your trousers.

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