Thanks all..

John - What do you mean have SSL installed? Does PHP have a SSL module? I'm already 
running 4.3.1 so I'm fine there. 

Also, this is quite database related as the intention is to access data on a remote 
server through a secure connection. XML is arguably a database protocol. :-)

<>< Ryan

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> Has anyone found a way to import data through
> ssl into a php script? If I can pull xml formatted
> data through a secure socket it will save some
> major headaches with a problem I need to solve.
> $url = file("";); Would
> be ideal, but it does not work....

It does work in PHP 4.3 if you have SSL installed also (at least with
fopen). Other options would be to use cURL or make an exec call to Lynx (or
any browser) to retrieve the data.

---John Holmes...

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