I am a fresh man in MySQL,Can anyone tell me how i begin to learn it?

www.mysql.com is a really good place to start.

and what are the different between MySQL and other commerce relative database?As what I known,My SQL is free,but other commerce RDB is very expensive! Why MySQL not in the top? Is MySQL not strong or easy to used than the commerce products?

MySQL is free for many--but not all--uses (check the license at www.mysql.com).
MySQL has most of the features you'll need but is still missing some biggies (sub-queries, triggers, etc.). Some of these features will be implemented in forthcoming versions of the software. Read more about this at www.mysql.com.
MySQL is pretty easy to use. Read the tutorial that comes with the manual at www.mysql.com.

MySQL can help me do what or not?

Well, you haven't said what you want to do but I suspect MySQL can help. Why don't you head over to www.mysql.com to get a better feel for it?

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PS There are many books on MySQL available, should you be interested, as well as numerous mailing lists dedicated to MySQL. You can find out more about these at (you guessed it) www.mysql.com.

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