Thanks, I've looked at so many suggestions on how to do things, and have
done them all it seems, but either PHP or MySQL must be set up wrong,
because it doesn't work for me. The files I'm trying to upload aren't close
to a meg big, which is what this talks about.

I've heard that storing files in mysql might affect performance, but the
sites I was going to use it for were pretty low bandwidth. Working with
images in a database is so much easier then trying to keep track of where
files are, their names, making sure other files don't overwrite existing
files... I'd really like to get this working. It's so frustrating!!! Data is
in the database, but somehow it's being corrupted, or I'm not getting it out

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[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Craig Kohtz) writes:
> [ inserting images into a mysql db ]

I haven't done it myself, but a search on for "blob mysql
file" gave (among others)
(seach the page for 'blob').

On the other hand, it has been said that storing files in a mysql
database (severely(?)) affects performance. I don't know anything
about this myself, though, so I can't make any 'proper'
recommendations. However, it sounds plausible that searching through
the db might be quicker with files stored as files and the path to
them stored in the db.

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