print "<input type=checkbox name=\"rowid[".$row['rowid']."]\"

You must put all of those checkbox values into an array and then use the
foreach loop, to process the selected checkbox items)...

print_r($rowid); would print out the contents of the generated array

should be something like:


with this you could generate a where clause with:

where rowid in (4,6,1024)

and you're done!

kind regards

> I have a mysql database with a table using one column as a primary key.
> (rowID). On a php page I use a query to  list all of the rows of the table
> and have a checkbox beside each  row that should be used to check if you
> would like to delete this row. Can someone give me an example using post
> to pull the boxes that need to be deleted.
> Thanks!
> Lewis


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