This is the easiest way but depending on what brouser you use and what version of 
excel you  have the results vary somewhat, try using Content-Disposition: inline and 
then saving the the file from there, this works best for me, but its by no means 
perfect. I seem to recall that someone posted a php class on here that would output in 
excel format correctly but it only works if your using IIS etc.

hope this helps

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Reporting tool for stats pulled from MySQL db

I have a stats tracking program and a page that displays stats for various 
dates/items depending on what options the user selects. I need to add some 
kind of external reporting tool, i.e. they'd like to download the 
information, preferably in Excel.

I tried forcing Excel to open the data instead of the browser by sending 

      Header("Content-Type: application/");
      Header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='stats.xls'");

When I sent just the first one, all I got was a blank broswer page with a 
picture (application?) icon in the top left hand corner. Then I added the 
second header, which I found in a previous post in the archives, and that 
forced a download but of the page itself (stats_print.php).

1) What am I doing wrong?

2) Every posting I found in the archives said this is the easiest way. Is 
there another, harder but might work for me, way anyone would suggest of 
doing this?

Thanks in advance,


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