Maybe on the 14th record the while statement is false.

Try do...while ???


F.Collineau wrote:
Hi, Here is my code: <? require("util.php"); $sql= new MySQL_class; $sql->Setup("user","user","localhost"); $sql->connexion("materiel"); $sql->Query("select nom from personne"); $cpt=0; while($row=mysql_fetch_array($sql->result)) { print($cpt); print("<br>"); print($row["nom"]); print("<br>"); $cpt++; } $sql->close; ?> The personne table has 14 articles. but with this code i can see only 13 articles here is the output on a browser: 0BRUY»RE 1COLLINEAU 2ELIAS 3GLOANEC 4HUGOT 5LE BRIS 6LE FLOCH 7LEMAUVIEL 8LOUVEL 9MARTINIERE 10OGUET 11THOMAS 12VASSELET What is the problem ? Thanks Franck ------------------------------------------

Faites un voeu et puis Voila !

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