The only way to do that is through the use of frames.
You can have two frames in your html doc, one that holds nothing, and the
other that holds the redirection info. When someone comes to the site the second frame (that occupies 99.9% of the browser)
redirects the page to The effect is that the browser holds
pageone, but the url is pagetwo.

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I know this isn't the right group for this, but here we go.
I have 2 URLs, on has some webspace attachted to it, the other one is being 
redirected the the first one.
Example: has webspace.
At the moment when you got to you get to see in the address bar and the contents on 
the page.

I want to be redirected to, without losing the address

Is there a way to catch and keep the original typed URL 
( in this example) and redirect it to any other



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